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We would like to extend our thanks to each and every one of you who recognize the the sacrifices made by our men and women of the Armed Services. In today's rough economic times, some are beginning to feel the pain of this downturn, however, most of those who say they are hurting... are still fortunate enough to be able to walk. Unfortunately, as a result of their sacrifice to our country, many of our service members cannot. For those who feel the need to limit their charitable donations to some few key projects this year, we believe The Independence Fund is the right place for your donation. It's right for our service members, and right for our struggling nation. Please return to our site regularly as we will continually update our sight with information. 

n their honor..


Tasha Sargent, daughter of  severely wounded Marine, tells the heart wrenching story of how she found out about her father being shot in the head. She chronicles how she saw her father's bloody body on the cover of the New York Times, what it was like to see him for the first time and what it was like trying to go back to school.

See severely wounded Marine, Gunnery Sergeant Kenny Sargent as he describes the numerous, debilitating and life threatening wounds he suffered when shot in the head on his second tour of duty in Iraq.

You won't believe what Kenny Sargent has to say about his service, nearly two years after being severely wounded. Compare your commitment level to that of this severely wounded Marine.

Watch as the wife of a severely wounded Marine shares of the tremendous financial burdens she endured from the time of initial grieving  at her husband's bedside, through his year-and-a-half VA rehabilitation, and even to date.










View excerpts from Tasha and Tonia Sargent's amazing interviews.

See what the wives of our severely wounded troops must endure once their husbands have been wounded.  
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