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Below you will find the answers to the most "Frequently Asked Question" regarding our "Streaming Video Introduction" services. If you are unable to locate the answer to your question, or would like more information on one of more of the questions listed below, please contact your sales representative. If you do have a sales representative, please feel free to contact us by the phone number or email listed at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions
   1. Question:
I donít understand how the process works?

Answer: You write a script on your professional philosophy, or whatever message you choose to relay to your web audience and email it to our studio. Shooting your video will take approximately 40 minutes Ė 1 hour to shoot a typical "Introductory Package", and a "Comprehensive Package" will typically take anywhere from 1-2 hours to shoot.

   2. Question: What if I donít know how to write my script?

Answer: We can help you on that. Once an appointment has been set, we will email you or fax over a script outline. Just fill it the blanks. Once that is done, itís easier to format your thoughts into an actual script.

   3. Question: What if I still canít write my script.

Answer: You can either email us the script and we can walk you through the process, or we can write the entire script for you (Our scripting fees are $95 per hour, in $15 minute minimum increments).

  1. Question: How much will it cost?
  2. Answer: We have two packages you can choose from, our first package starts at $300. That includes 1 hour of production time, your choice of backgrounds, background music, and two camera angles. Our second package includes all of the above plus an extra hour of production time, a closing graphic and two client testimonials. (please refer to pricing page on website)

  3. Question: Can I add more features than the standard package?

Answer: We can add text, graphics, pre-existing video, animation, or anything else you might find on a promotional video.

   6.    Question: How does my video actually get onto my website?

Answer: Once your introduction has been taped, edited, and encoded, we can either publish it to the hosting site, email it to your web developer, hand it to you on CD, or if you have editing capabilities for your site, you can publish the link yourself for free, or we can do it for you for a fee.

  1. Question: What is a link?
  2. Answer: A link is a button, graphic, or text on a web page that when clicked on, sends you to another site or feature within that, or any other site.

  3. Question: What do I next, what do I wear?
  4. Answer: Once your appointment has been scheduled, we will email you directions and instructions for preparing a script, tips on wardrobe, hair, and presentation in front of the camera.

  5. Question: What if I canít memorize my script?
  6. Answer: You donít need to. We have a teleprompter so you can read your script as we are taping, but itís important to remember that this is your chance to make a perfect first impression, so make sure that you are able to deliver your lines effectively before you arrive.

  7. Question: What if viewers canít view my video on the internet?
  8. Answer: We have found that about 90%-95% of your web audience will be able to view your video in the Windows Media Player that comes with their Windows software. For those who have never taken the time to set their players properly, or (in most cases) have very old players, we can provide your webmaster with a link to update their players, or to troubleshoot any problems they might experience in viewing your intro. We also give the option (at a minimal charge) to have your video encoded on two (2) additional formats (Real Video & QuickTime) this gives the internet user the ability to view the video on either player.

  9. Question: Why do I even need a "Streaming Video Introduction" on my website?
  10. Answer: Current marketing methods have succeeded in letting people know that you exist, and the hope is that they will call upon you when and if they ever need an agent. But once someone is actually at your site, you know that they are actively in search of finding an agent (a qualified lead). This is the time youíll need to connect with each prospect, and begin to develop an "Emotional Buy-In", before they move on to a competitors site. Having a "Streaming Video Introduction" on you site will give you an opportunity to share your personality, as well as your professional philosophies

  11. Question: How long will my video be?

Answer: Most videos will run between 2-3 minutes, but can run up to 3.5 minutes in our "Introductory" and "Comprehensive" Packages, however, depending on how many testimonials, and points your covering, we can run as long as you feel keeps your viewer engaged.


To find out how you can separate yourself from the pack, and build a "Virtual Face-to-Face Relationship" with nearly every prospective client, please choose your preferred player (below) to view our streaming video.

Prices starting as low as $500! 
* Prices subject to change at any time. Please call for current pricing.
300 South First Street, Suite 228
San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (408) 975-9325

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