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VideoIntros Plus is an equal opportunity employer, committed to empowering each and every member of our team to pursue the highest levels of excellence in their crafts, as well as to pursue and achieve their maximum income potential!


Department: Production
Position: General Production Staff Intern
ob Location: San Jose, CA

VideoIntros Plus® is a Bay Area new-media company whose Streaming Video Introductions are a must-have for business professionals everywhere. We are currently seeking a highly motivated, production intern to provide our new Streaming Video Introduction services in our booming market niche. There are currently one full-time and two part-time intern position available. These start out as non-paid internships, with the potential for rapid promotion based on skill and production levels! Those candidates who do not posses a professional business appearance and demeanor should not apply. Services:

VideoIntros Plus® is a video production company providing “Low-Cost” “High-Impact” Streaming Video Introductions to various types of businesses, services, and individuals, with a definite target emphasis on professional service providers such as real estate agents, doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPA's, etc., and are in the process of providing online video listings of each of our clients. As a result of our newly developed virtual-set production methods, we are able to provide high-impact promotional video for pennies on the dollar, and are seeking a production intern to help grow our Bay Area business across the nation.  

- Must be a team player.
- Must demonstrate competence with the basics of non-linear editing
- Excellent communication skills are a must!
- Must show great attention to detail
- Must be dependable
- Must have a desire to learn and grow in the field
- Must be able to learn quickly

This internship does not provide medical benefits, however, based on skill-sets, availability and career goals, some candidates will soon qualify for some or all of the following benefits:

- Advancement Opportunities
- Potential for highly competitive wage structure
- Bonus Programs
- Medical and Dental

- Candidates must provide verification and references of a dependable, and motivated   
   employment history.
- Basic non-linear editing
- Video encoding
- Light graphic design
- Light administrative duties
- Possible camera work
- Possible light script writing
- Possible studio directing

Our office is located at
300 South First Street, Suite 228, in the heart of Silicon Valley-San Jose, California

For immediate consideration, please email your resume by clicking here.  

VideoIntros Plus®
5433 Century Meadow Court, Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95111

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VideoIntros Plus®
5433 Century Meadow Court, Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95111
Phone: (408) 975-9325
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