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or detailed information on how our "Streaming Video Introductions" can drive sales, and what you can expect during the video Production process, please click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) links below:

Why is online video needed more in this economy than ever?
How can a "Virtual Face-to-Face Relationship" help me break down the "Walls of Defense"?
What do you mean by "Emotional Buy-In"?
What are the best ways to utilize my video(s)?
How does online video help "Separate yourself from the competition"?
What do you mean by "You're the Difference"?
I don't have a website, so how can I use a video?
What if I'm intimidated by cameras, or forget my lines?
’m worried because I don’t know how to act on camera; can you provide me with any training?
Can you provide someone to perform on camera for me?
How can video help me make a better first impression?
When we send the video in email, is it a large file?
Can I distribute my video to search engines and social media sites?
Who owns the video and is there a recurring fee?
What is the turnaround time?
If I travel to your studio, can you get me a discount on hotels?
I have several people in my office; can I get a volume discount?
Green: Can I use online video to help my company preserve the environment?
Community: What is VideoIntros Plus doing to help the Community?
Why is utilizing your FREE Youneedta Marketing and Business Resource Center so valuable?

" videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to pop up on the first page of search engine results." 
Chris Crafton , Chief Marketing Officer -

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Video Integrated Search Engine Optimization
Upload videos to, or link from Google, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogs, Yahoo, Bing, newsletters,
articles, websites  or any other search engine or social media sites to dramatically increase web traffic!
Below are examples of our Streaming Video Introductions; please take
a moment to view the videos that best apply to you, and give us a call!
real estate marketing elena



Take a look at how some of our clients have customized their Corporate Identity videos:

Click here for same package with professional actor.

Click here for same package with custom interview of company founder added.
marketing and advertising for dentists orthodontists



Here is a customized version of our Corporate Identity Package included in the Deluxe eMarketing Package purchased by Synergy Dental Labs. This video ran about one minute longer than most and required additional scripting, graphic design and animation, yet added less than $1000 to the price of the original package  (some clients may require additional coaching and studio time at additional fees).

See how a real estate agent utilizes this Comprehensive package as an affordable method of including testimonials to her Video Introduction.



This package can either be used with one of our pre-existing backgrounds as an introductory package to promote your business, as an addition to an existing Corporate Identity package, as an additional service video, or as a quick product or service offer.

Single Angle Plus package           Follow-Up Video

Corporate ID with Additional Service Videos

Click on video links below to see how this innovative health insurance company utilizes their Corporate ID package to introduce the company, and also utilizes custom FAQ videos to provide more detailed information for each of their primary services they offer:
Call Center           Consolidate Billing            Cobra 

    Benefit Management                             Electronic Enrollment

Corporate ID with Additional Service Videos

Click the links below to see how this match-making website utilizes several custom Corporate ID packages to introduce the company to investors, new prospects, new members, and also prospective venues for taping their reality dating show:

      Venues                         Sales                        Investors    

Make sure to take advantage of these free enterprise-class web analytics from Google: ml

Forrester Research found that videos were 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page ranking than traditional text pages.
    Veteran Owned Business Directory, Get your free listing, now!






What is a "Virtual Face-to-Face Relationship" and how can it help me break down the "Walls of Defense"?
Video Transcription:
Nearly everyone will tell you that business is built on relationships, so it's no wonder why we need to build as many as possible… as fast as possible. When meeting someone "face-to-face", they have the opportunity to look into your eyes and read your body language, to form an opinion as to whether or not they trust what you are saying is true or not, and more importantly, whether or not you have their best interest in mind. If they believe you do… you've just created a quality "face-to-face relationship". However, there are major obstacles to achieving one.

The first is that most people we come in contact with, by phone or in person, are usually right in the middle of trying to accomplish something… right at that very same time, and will most likely see you as an annoying interruption; an online video however, can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the viewer's convenience. If your contacting your prospect by phone, and you catch them in the middle of something, simply tell them that you are going to send them a link to a video and ask them to view the video when their through with their current task… and ask them to give you a call once they have. This will relieve the pressure from the moment, and enable them to consider your offer in a positive frame of mind. If your initial contact is via email, the same applies. If they are searching the web when they come across your video, then of course, they're already at a perfect time to receive your message.

Another obstacle you may encounter  is that many will perceive you as someone who's only trying to get something from them and instinctively put up their wall of defense to keep you out. Here's how we can help:

While viewing your online videos, your prospect has absolutely no need to put up a wall of defense; because you're not there, you've eliminated their anxiety of knowing they may have to reject your offer. With your video introduction they won't have to come up with an on the fly excuse as to why "they're not able to speak with you now", or why "they can't make their decision right now". With absolutely nothing to fear, they can sit back in the comfort of their own home or office and make a relaxed decision about doing business with you… forming the first steps of "Emotional Buy-In".

Finally, let's say you set out to create this type of relationship with 100 people in a traditional "face-to-face" meeting (considering peoples time constraints and the instinctive barriers they put up) you might have to make as many as one or two thousand face-to-face contacts to get those quality 100 relationships (how long would that take you? Six months? A year? Two?). Depending on how you promote your video, you could conceivably establish that many "Virtual Face-to-Face Relationships" with an online video... in one day (if you really promote hard enough, and depending on your offer, who knows how many "virtual face-to-face relationships" you can build in a day.)?

So don't let another relationship pass you by…pick up the phone and give us a call today! You'll be glad you did!            (408) 975-9325

About Online Video
Online video has forever changed the way we market and advertise our businesses. Static print ads, websites, and emails, are no longer enough to attract or convince prospects to buy your products or services, …and forcing your prospects to hunt and peck their way through your site, with little or no means of building rapport is a recipe for losing sales! However… with our “High-Impact” “Highly-Affordable” online video sales system, you can walk your prospects through the sales process while simultaneously building relationships, twenty four hours a day... and now, we can help you achieve first page search engine ranking with our new, video-integrated external search engine optimization sales systems. 

In this troubled economy, there's absolutely no substitute for developing and maintaining as many quality relationships as possible.…so the choice is yours… continue relying solely on inferior marketing methods… and risk jeopardizing your business… or… entrust your business to the number one marketing trend of our time… So pick up the phone, and give us a call right now. Or… if you’d like to view more detailed information about how our services can help separate you from your competition and generate more revenue... click on our Frequently Asked Question videos… then give us a call. Whatever you do, don't let another prospect slip away!

Our online video sales systems will help separate you from the competition, build rapport with prospects and dramatically increase traffic. Let us help you today!    (408) 975-9325

(Our video productions can reside on your website, social media sites, email or electronic newsletter, distributed on a DVD/CD or displayed on a laptop)

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